Kelly "Kel" Fry

    Kel majored in Finance and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.B.A. from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1980.

    Kel served in various positions from Landman/Scout to Vice President of Land and Business Development covering
    Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico during his employment with Mobil Oil Exploration & Producing
    Southeast Inc. (1980-1988), Hall-Houston Oil Company (1988-2002) and its successor by merger, Energy Partners, Ltd.
    (2002-2003). In 2003, Kel started a consulting company through which he rendered business planning, development,
    management and trade negotiation services for various start-up onshore (Oklahoma) and Gulf of Mexico enterprises. His
    primary client was Englehart Energy, Inc., a Gulf of Mexico prospect generation and consulting firm. He joined GoMex in early

    Kel’s experience has focused on planning, negotiating, drafting documentation for, implementing and administering
    transactions related to the acquisition, exploration, development, production, divestiture and abandonment of oil and gas
    properties onshore and offshore Gulf of Mexico. Among the approximately 775 trade agreements Kel has created and
    administered are: prospect generation agreements; lease sale bidding agreements; farmouts; participations; purchases and
    sales of real properties, platforms, pipelines and facilities; production handling agreements; operating agreements; turnkey
    drilling contracts; wetland remediations; unitizations; seismic licenses; confidentiality agreements; pipeline right-of-ways; and
    alliances for work from prospect generation to field abandonments. Kel has created and/or administered approximately 2000
    oil and gas leases, and managed the acquisition or sale of approximately 200 offshore producing blocks. Much of the
    aforementioned work was performed in conjunction with Kel’s direction of unprecedented projects such as (i) the first petition
    for forced integration with risk compensation in the State of Mississippi, (ii) the establishment of seismic licensing alliances
    with success-based compensation arrangements, and (iii) the acquisition of a platform and associated facilities under a
    contract with the MMS pursuant to a third party’s forfeiture of a supplemental bond in the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
    Kel has acquired seismic licenses or access to approximately 4,000 blocks of 3D seismic data, conducted approximately
    525 prospect presentations, and generated personal overriding royalty interests in approximately 35 OCS leases. Further,
    Kel has created onshore and offshore exploration and/or development programs in which he or his family trusts participate.
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