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About GoMex Energy

The company has been a successful offshore operator and prospect generator in the Gulf of Mexico for over twelve years. To date our in-house generated prospects have produced over 8 million barrels of equivalent oil and gas. We are actively working multiple prospects in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado. Our intent is to identify, high-grade, and acquire those leads that have significant economic potential.

Partner’s Years of Experience

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Dick Andre

Dick has 30+ years of experience as a geologist with expertise in subsurface mapping, seismic interpretation, asset acquisition evaluation and independent reserve auditing. Prior to founding GoMex, he has worked at Texaco, Murphy and Anadarko re-developing large oil and gas fields across the Gulf of Mexico.

BS Geosciences – Penn State University

MS Geology – West Virginia University

Ted Benson

Ted has 30 years of experience working in multiple sectors of the oil industry from major oil to a seismic data service company and then a small independent GoMex. He has been able to integrate his science degrees with a business degree to build a unique skillset advantageous to entrepreneurship.

BS Geophysics – University of Oklahoma

MS Geology – University of New Orleans

MBA – Rice University

Mark Buddell

Mark has worked around the world as a Petroleum Engineer in multiple disciplines 40+ years. Mark received his BS in Petroleum Engineering from University of Missouri – in 1980

He has served as a Field, Reservoir, Multi-lateral, Smart Well, & Rig Ops engineer, Mark’s main strength is his ability to re-develop mature oil fields utilizing horizontals and new technology.

BS Petroleum Engineering – University of Missouri – Rolla

Kelly Fry

Kel has 40 years of experience in conceiving, negotiating, documenting, implementing and administering transactions with respect to oil & gas opportunities, both U.S. onshore and offshore, that create value for his companies’ investors, partners and allied service companies, from prospect generation to field divesture. He joined GoMex in early 2008.

BBA Finance – Stephen F. Austin St. University