Mark Buddell


MARK received his BS in Petroleum Engineering from University of Missouri – Rolla School of Mines in 1980. Upon joining Texaco Exploration and Production in the Harvey District Office in Louisiana in the summer of 1980, Mark began working as a Reservoir Engineer doing reserve analysis on over twenty-eight Bay fields in South Louisiana..

In 1987, Mark transferred to the Offshore Division as a Development Engineer. One particular field of note that Mark handled exclusively was the EI 338/339 field. Oil production increased from 400 to over 8,000 bopd with the use of horizontal drilling technology – the first oil horizontal oil well in the GOM. At Garden Island Bay, from 1981 to 1983, Mark prepared over 150 workovers increasing the production from 6000 to 10,000 bopd. The team maintained six workover rigs during those two years of which Mark was responsible for keeping two working.

In 1983 Mark took over field management at Bay De Chene & Queen Bess Island. Mark was able to increase the production at the Bay De Chene Field from 400 to 2000 bopd and the gas production up from 2 to 20 mmcfd by changing the gravel packing procedure (to not use them) in shallow sandstones above 2000 ft. In the summer of 1984 Texaco reorganized it’s bay field rig operations and he and four others kept twenty rigs active year round for almost four years from 1984 to the end 1987. Mark’s main job was preparing workover and completion programs in the office and working with the rig site supervisors on the rigs. Mark solely prepared and handled 130 rig workovers between the office and the field in those three years increasing production to over 15,000 bopd..

After six years, in 1993, Mark was transferred to the position of Senior Onshore Development Engineer. Mark trained on seismic workstations and incorporated the technology into developing fields such as at the Cote Blanc Island field where he was able to take another mature field making 400 bopd and boost it to over 4000 bopd by nestling wells up to a salt flank overhang with simple high angle sidetracks and using existing new technology and 3-D seismic.

Mark began his work in the service segment of the oil industry with Dresser Oil Tools as a Completion Engineer in 1996. For two years Mark wrote most of the well completion programs for Mobil, trained as a multilateral well applications engineer, and assumed the position of Multilateral Project Engineer with Sperry-Sun in 1997. Mark’s unique training led to teaching asset teams in schools worldwide on the subject of field development, using both multilaterals and existing technology.

In his last two years prior to becoming a partner in GoMex Energy, Mark worked as a Senior Reservoir Project Engineer with
WellDynamics. Mark worked worldwide with asset teams to develop Smartwell projects/fields in conjunction with multilateral projects, but his focus was still on the Gulf of Mexico side of the industry.